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Fort Lauderdale AC Services Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-317-0218When summers arrive, cooling systems are in full force, working excessively hard to keep homes/commercial spaces cool and comfortable. You might have the most state-of-the-art air conditioner system installed in your place, but it is important to remember that even the best systems will not function properly if they aren’t properly cared for and maintained. If you want to derive the maximum use from your air conditioner and make sure that it doesn’t break down unexpectedly or lead to expensive repairs, then it’s high time you start paying attention to your AC maintenance.

For all your maintenance needs, whether it’s for a simple window set up at your residential property or a large-scale centralized system installed in a commercial space, your single port of call is Fort Lauderdale AC Services– a renowned AC service company with an unparalleled experience spanning over two decades. You can always count on our team to assure you that you’re getting the best in maintenance and services. Talk to us on 954-317-0218 now!

What can you do?

Some people see AC maintenance as a job that’s best left to professionals. Before you remove yourself out of the equation, know this: while a full-scale tune-up is something only a trained professional can do, there are a few basics that you can do on your own.

  • Cleaning air filter: Over time, dirt and dust can accumulate in your air filters. This can not only create an adverse impact on the air quality but may also reduce the operational efficiency of the air conditioner considerably. Cleaning out/changing the air filters is something you can do on your own.
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit: No, we’re not suggesting you take apart the outdoor unit and clean it! What you can do is spray it with a hose to remove dirt, dust, entrapped leaves or any other particulate matter from the system.
  • Keep pests out: When pests get into ducts or the AC, they can wreak unimaginable havoc. Their presence and leftovers can significantly impact your indoor air quality and cause aggravated allergies to those susceptible to it. Deploy pest-proofing measures to prevent the same.

What do we do?

When you call upon us, we will carry out:

  • Deep clean-up: From reaching into the deepest corners of the vents to taking apart your outdoor unit to get even the last speck of accumulated dust, our AC maintenance experts will do it all.
  • Lubrication: Over time, components may get a little rusty. We make sure all the moving parts are lubricated to ensure seamless operation.
  • Refrigerant check: Refrigerant levels may have dwindled with time. We refill it as needed, and check for any leaks.
  • Testing electrical connections: Loose electrical connections may throw up trouble during operation. We test and fix the same.
  • Operation analysis: We check the system inside out to detect any underlying issues or predict any potential causes of failure, and resolve the same.
  • Repairs: If we uncover a troubling issue, perhaps a loose belt or a worn out component, we make sure we resolve it then and there.
  • Thermostat settings: Misalignment of sensors or improper function of the thermostat could result in shorter cycling and improper cooling. We check the system and fix it if there are any issues.

Your one-stop AC maintenance solution:

From residential properties to commercial property owners, just about everyone in Fort Lauderdale, FL area relies on us for air conditioner maintenance – and you should too. Here’s why:

  • Flexible, completely customizable maintenance plans
  • Subsidized repairs
  • Annual and bi-annual options available
  • Tailor-made solutions for commercial establishments
  • Priority services
  • Discounts on spare parts
  • Solutions by trained experts

For expert-driven AC maintenance solutions that fit your budget, reach out to Fort Lauderdale AC Services on 954-317-0218!