About Fort Lauderdale AC Services - Fort Lauderdale, FL


Established over two decades ago, Fort Lauderdale AC Services has since come a long way. From being a small-time firm that catered to a selective customer base, we’ve become the leading AC services provider in Fort Lauderdale, FL for thousands of residential and commercial clients. Once we commenced operations, we’ve been on a never-ending expansion spree with a large number of skilled technicians joining our ranks, and our infrastructure just kept getting better and better. Today, we’re touted the #1 AC service company in the region, and are called upon on 954-317-0218 for a comprehensive range of services that covers everything, right from installation to repairs to maintenance.

Our team:

We’re nothing without our team and the staggering success we’ve tasted in the industry is all down to them. Comprising of skilled technicians with a deep knowledge of AC systems, electricians and construction experts, our cross-functional teams work in seamless collaboration to deliver the services our clients need. We further nurture and cultivate their knowledge, by introducing continuous education programs wherein the latest advancements and techniques are taught. This makes the best, even better!

Our work culture:

The entire work culture at Fort Lauderdale AC Services is oriented towards providing service that exceeds client expectations. With a massive workforce powering us, we’ve managed to foster a culture, where our technicians practically thrive on customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy with the service offered. So, if you need a passionate team of technicians who won’t make any compromises when it comes to exceeding your expectations, then we’re it.

Our network:

Growing from a small workshop, we now have a string of service centers spread all over Fort Lauderdale, FL area. While we do run physical stores, it’s in our mobile vans where all the action takes place. Our cutting-edge fleet of vans is armed with all the tools and equipment we need for the job. We’re constantly on-the-move, which means even if you call us for an emergency AC repair from a remote corner, we won’t be more than 20 minutes away from your place.

What we promise?

  • We understand just how harsh the summer temperatures in Fort Lauderdale, FL can get – and that’s why, we’ll be available 24/7 for your AC service needs.
  • We know installing a new AC or maintenance checks can be expensive. We make sure we give you the best prices in the industry.
  • We won’t make you wait. We’ll get there in 15-20 minutes when called in an emergency and keep up the provided appointment time.

For quality AC services, at prices you can afford, all you need to do is dial 954-317-0218!